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Are Marionberries Actually Blackberries?

This blog should have an actual theme, but for now I am just blogging about berries. I might delete this post later, so if you’re looking at this, then that’s cool. Good job finding it.

So we’ve all wondered what the difference is between marionberries and blackberries. Are they the same? What defining features do each have? I didn’t know either, until a few minutes ago. I researched it so you don’t have to.

These are marionberries.


These are blackberries.


Marionberries (or marion blackberries) are a cross between two types of blackberries: the Chehalem blackberry and the Olallieberry blackberry. They are native to Oregon and named after Marion County, where they were tested. The berry was released in 1956 for the rest of the world.

The bottom line is, marionberries are one of the 375+ varieties of blackberries.

Now you know. To glean a deeper knowledge of this topic, you might like to read this page about Oregon marionberries.

I hope this helped slightly.


One thought on “Are Marionberries Actually Blackberries?

  1. This was very nicely written, and I feel much more educated about the difference between marionberries and blackberries now! I appreciate your dedication to berry research so your readers don’t have to. :}

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