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How to Keep a Succulent Alive

I’m not the best person to be giving plant advice, because I can’t keep plants alive. But here are some useful things that would probably help you lose your status as a succulent-killer.


Succulents can handle being a bit cramped.

Just don’t try to cram an insane amount of succulents into one pot. Also, for any succulent, it’s good to repot it every so often, even if the new pot is the same size.

They don’t like being wet.

When your succulent is watered, try not to get its leaves or stem too wet. It won’t shrivel up and die if you do, just don’t make it a habit.

Give your succulent light.

Succulents are desert plants, so plenty of light is ideal.

But not too much light.

If your plant is turning yellow, it could be scorching from too much direct sunlight. As a general rule, it shouldn’t be in direct sunlight in the first place.

Give it water too.

How often you should water it depends on the season and climate in question. If it’s dry, water it more, if it’s humid, less.

Again, not too much.

You might be overwatering your plant if its leaves fall off at the slightest nudge. Try to curb the excessive watering, and make sure to let the dirt dry in between waterings.


Not every succulent is the same.

In fact, every succulent is different. What works for your antimima turneriana might kill your echeveria leucotricha. So keep that in mind.

And finally, if you use this post as your sole guide for succulents, they will probably die. I am not an expert. So here are some other useful references:

World of Succulents

Succulents and Sunshine


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