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Places in the USA to Travel With Your Dog

Dogs make great traveling companions, right? From the smallest of Great Danes to the largest of Chihuahuas, any dog can enjoy going on a trip with a loving owner. But what if you don’t know where to go, and end up taking your Frenchie to the hardware store time and time again, and you just feel…unfulfilled?

That’s why I’ve compiled an *extensive* list of great places to travel with your fur baby! (In the USA, that is.) I’ll include a variety of dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, and activities under each one – but just remember that the dog policies on each may have changed over time, so if you actually want to go to any of these places, you should probably do some more research on it yourself. And finally, I would recommend this website, which lets you enter any city and it’ll give you a list of dog-friendly accommodations.

Now let’s get started! *pumps fist in air with a sort of fervor seldom seen in today’s youth*

Key West, Florida


Key West is a string of islands off the coast of Florida, with lots of beaches and sunny weather and whatnot.



  • Blue Heaven. Apparently there are chickens walking around outside the restaurant, so your dog might need to work on impulse control.
  • Bistro 245. I couldn’t find a website, but they have good food.
  • Sarabeth’s.


San Francisco, California


San Francisco has a lot of amazing sights for dogs and humans alike. Sure, the Golden Gate Bridge isn’t actually made of gold, but we can forgive that easily.




  • Baker Beach. It’s on the Pacific Ocean, with a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Golden Gate Park. Actually, this one doesn’t have a view of said bridge, but it’s still a nice park.
  • Fort Funston Park.

Anchorage, Alaska


I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t already been said about Alaska. It’s pretty. And cold.




New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans is one of those fascinating places that deserves more recognition. Maybe you and your dogs can go appreciate it.




Cottonwood, Idaho

Big Beagles

So if you were wondering what’s so interesting about Cottonwood, Idaho, all I must say is: the Dog Bark Park Inn.

All right! That’s it for this post. I hope you and your dogs learned something or were mildly interested. If I left out any glaring details, let me know.

(You don’t have to. That’s not a command.)


One thought on “Places in the USA to Travel With Your Dog

  1. This is the most in-depth, well-researched post I’ve seen in eons…and you made me giggle several times, like *pumps fist in air with a sort of fervor seldom seen in today’s youth*. I want to start using that phrase in everyday life. Now I feel more prepared to bring my dogs on trips with me…thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world!


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