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Random Things To Do Today (or tomorrow, or never)

If you have some free time and don’t want to spend it on the internet, then behold, some easy, low-key things to do (some of which do involve the internet, so there goes that logic).

  1. Look at pictures of wheat fields, like this one here. Look how beautiful it is. As you can see, the waves of grain stretch endlessly into the distance, like the limitless potential of your future.


  1. Look at that, we’re back at number one. I don’t know how that happened or how to fix it, so just ignore this paragraph entirely.
  2. Go outside and try to guess what the temperature is, then check it and see how close you were. Text a friend or relative and encourage them to do the same. If they’re close to the actual temperature, accuse them of cheating.
  3. Create an imaginary grocery list, filled with healthy things like celery. If you feel so entitled, go out and buy the things on your list. Or you can buy Doritos and cake, that’s perfectly fine too.
  4. Plan your outfits for the rest of the week, including socks and accessories. Follow through.
  5. Put googly eyes on everything. If you don’t have googly eyes, you can just draw it on, preferably with permanent marker.
  6. Try to write something when you’re seconds away from falling asleep. Write very slowly, with your eyes closed, about whatever pops into your head. After you’ve slept, read whatever you wrote, and try to turn it into something meaningful.
  7. Perfect your fake sneeze.
  8. Pretend you are a bird. Construct wings for yourself, and run around in a wide circle, making a high-pitched noise. Try to figure out what type of bird you are, based on your wings and bird calls. If no existing bird matches, invent your own.
  9. Try to master a new skill, like juggling or yodeling. Mention whatever skill you’ve mastered in passing to a friend, and then say something to the extent of “I bet I could do that.” Then do it. Hopefully, your friend will think you are a natural.
  10. Learn a few words in a different language, like “hello” or some other greeting. Use them when talking to somebody.
  11. Watch the sun set while sitting outside. Don’t take a picture.
  12. Make some tea. Dress in your finest clothes and have a tea party with yourself. Buy or make some crumpets to go along with it. Use a frilly tablecloth.
  13. Learn how to write your name in a different alphabet.
  14. Get some French fries and see how they taste with different condiments, like milk or hummus.
  15. Take a cold shower. Try to convince yourself that you’re enjoying it. You’re conserving hot water and making your hair shiny at the same time!

I hope you found one of these things the slightest bit interesting. As always, have fun and use your common sense.


2 thoughts on “Random Things To Do Today (or tomorrow, or never)

  1. Those are some fantastic ideas! I think I’ll give most of them a try…except the cold shower. There’s no way I could convince myself I’m enjoying it! Thanks for the great post!


  2. These are fantastic ideas. I’m off to google pictures of wheat fields right now – if only my future were that limitless. I’m also very intrigued about this French-fries-and-hummus idea! 🙂


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